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McGill experts offer insight into federal election campaign issues

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December 5, 2005

Source: McGill University:

McGill experts offer insight into federal election campaign issues

Source: University Relations Office (URO) [newswire]
December 05, 2005

Preparing coverage for the upcoming federal elections and need experts who can offer insight? Contact one of the following professors for comment on the questions that concern Canadians.
Bloc Québécois

Eric Bélanger, a McGill political science professor, offers insight into the role the Bloc will play in the next elections. He can also answer questions regarding Quebec and Canadian politics, political parties and party systems, public opinion and voting behaviour. Tel. 514-398-4800, or email.
(Only available in January and responds to print media)
Quebec history

Historian and Chair of the McGill Quebec Studies Program Jarrett Rudy provides analysis on the interactions between cultural groups in Quebec and their relationships to larger economic and political structures. Tel. 514-398-3905, or email.
Health care and social policy

Antonia Maioni, Director of the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada, is a leading expert on health care and social policy. Tel. 514-398-4815, or email.

Rick Schultz, a McGill political science professor, can explain parliamentary rules, constitutional details, role of the Governor General and government regulation. Tel. 514-398-4948, or email.
Spending levels

Christopher Ragan, a McGill professor of economics, speaks on government debt and deficit, general spending levels, economic policy, as well as interest rates and the value of the dollar. Tel. 514-398-8958 or 514-398-1894, or email.

William Watson, a McGill professor of economics, analyzes the federal government's economic policy. Tel. 514-398-8962, or email.
Canadian business

Karl Moore, a McGill management professor, has a perspective of Canada's role in globalization. Tel. 514-216-7839 (cell), 514-398-4138 (office), or email.

McGill management professor Jan Jorgensen offers expertise on public policy, the pulp and paper industry, telecommunications, public enterprise, governance, public sector and economic reform. Tel. 514-398-4027, or email.
Media effects on voting

Political science professor Stuart Soroka is an expert on how media coverage can affect voting patterns during elections. Soroka studied the news coverage of the 2004 federal election as co-director of the Observatory on Media and Public Policy that was launched last spring by the McGill Institute for the Study of Canada. Tel. 514-398-4865, or email.
Greening of Canada

Lawrence Mysak, climatologist and Director of the Earth System Modeling Group, is a specialist on climate change and can describe some of the consequences of global warming. Tel. 514-398-3768, or email.

Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences professor Charles Lin is an expert on extreme weather and climate events. Tel. 514-398-6079, or email.

With soaring gas prices, Donald Smith, professor in the Department of Plant Science, can talk about alternative fuels such as used cooking oil. He is also a specialist on how crop plants can be modified to reduce CO2 levels. Tel. 514-398-7866, or email.
Women, children and health

Shree Mulay, director of the McGill Centre for Research & Teaching on Women, comments on the issues facing women and children. She is also an expert on immigrant women and health care reform. Tel. 514-398-8327/3911, or email.
Government and public services

Wendy Thomson offers new perspectives on how the Canadian government could reform Canadian public services. Until last spring, Thomson was responsible for England's Public Service Reform and advised British Prime Minister Tony Blair on issues related to health services, education and government. She can comment on how Canada ranks internationally on public services. From a governance point of view, she offers commentary on reactions to the Gomery inquiry. Tel. 514-398-7068, or email.
Aboriginal issues

Ronald Niezen, a professor in McGill's Department of Anthropology, can provide insight on Canada's relations with its indigenous peoples. Tel. 514-398-4298, or email.

Nico Trocmé was the principal investigator of a study that showed reported incidents of child abuse and neglect in Canada were on the rise. He can talk about this phenomenon occurring in Aboriginal communities and how the child welfare system needs to be strengthened. Tel. 514-398-5399, or email.

Media wishing to contact the following, please contact Rita Kotzia at 514-398-6751 or by email.
New technologies and media coverage

Marc Raboy covers communications issues from blogs to BlackBerries and studies how new technologies impact Canadians. How can politicians use these media to get their message across? As the appointed Beaverbrook Chair in Ethics, Media and Communications at McGill University, Marc Raboy is well poised to shed light on how technology and the media influence us.
Voting patterns

Elisabeth Gidengil, professor of political science, is an expert in voting behaviour, gender politics and polling. She is available for background information.
Scandal management

William Straw, professor of communications, is an expert in pop culture who is sure to have a refreshing perspective on the long-term effects of the federal sponsorship scandal.
Rita Kotzia
Communications Officer
McGill University Relations Office



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