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Sea urchins and humans share genes
Simon Fraser University | November 16, 2006
Simon Fraser University molecular biologists have helped a worldwide team of scientists make a discovery that could advance doctorsí understanding of how genetic diseases occur and how to treat them....[continue]

U of T faculty win Early Researcher Awards
University of Toronto | November 15, 2006
Thirty researchers from the university and its affiliated hospitals each won the award, given by the province to researchers who are within the first five years of an independent academic career....[continue]

U of S VIDO team discovers key step in flu virus replication
University of Saskatchewan | November 15, 2006
As public health officials around the world keep a nervous eye on the spread of avian influenza, the University of Saskatchewan's Vaccine and Infectious Disease Organization (VIDO) has uncovered a key step in how the influenza virus causes infection....[continue]

Malaspina University-College student studies tongue-eating parasite
Malaspina University College | November 14, 2006
A passion for parasites led Malaspina University-College Biology student Aya Murakami all the way to Ireland....[continue]

UVic Plays $4-Million Role in Breast Cancer Study
Victoria University in the University of
Toronto | November 8, 2006

A University of Victoria research team is receiving $4 million over the next five years to develop a new technology for the identification of molecules critical to the early detection of breast cancer....[continue]

Nine uOttawa scientists receive Early Researcher Award
University of Ottawa | November 7, 2006
Nine researchers at the University of Ottawa have received an Early Research Award, formerly the Premierís Research Excellence Awards....[continue]

Annual Hate Crimes Vigil Wednesday
University of Guelph | November 6, 2006
Students from across campus will unite against hate crimes in Canada and around the world during the Universityís annual Hate Crimes Vigil Wednesday at 7:30 p.m. in the Grad Lounge....[continue]

University of Manitoba | November 6, 2006
Programs will focus on HIV/AIDS prevention, care, support and treatment for vulnerable population....[continue]

Fall Convocation 2006 Award Recipients Announced at U of S
University of Saskatchewan | October 27, 2006
Each year, the University of Saskatchewan honours those whose achievements benefit people at home, nationally and internationally. This year's award presentations will take place at Fall Convocation on Saturday, October 28, 2006....[continue]

Gairdner Awards bring top medical minds to U of T
University of Toronto | October 20, 2006
Prestigious event here Oct. 24-27...[continue]

The University of Ottawa receives $1.7 million from the Ontario Research Fund
University of Ottawa | October 19, 2006
The University of Ottawa is proud to announce that 17 researchers have received grants from the Ministry of Research and Innovationís Ontario Research Fund to remain at the leading-edge of research in their fields....[continue]

University of Western Ontario | October 17, 2006
An HIV/AIDS vaccine developed by Dr. Yong Kang, a virology professor at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at The University of Western Ontario is being readied for clinical trial. Kang's vaccine could be available for therapeutic use within three years and for use as a preventive vaccine within the next six years....[continue]

University of Manitoba | October 16, 2006
The title Professor Emeritus is an honour that is conferred by the Board of Governors after retirement on individuals who have rendered distinguished service to the university and who have significant records in teaching, research, and scholarship....[continue]

U of T researchers receive $65 million from CIHR
University of Toronto | October 13, 2006
Health Minister Tony Clement on campus for announcement...[continue]

Health and Social Impacts of Cancer Examined
University of Victoria | October 12, 2006
From clinical research to palliative care, cancer is a presence with a powerful impact....[continue]

CCEPA Presents: Trust in Science - Setting the Scene: From Magician to Miracle Maker
St. Mary's University | October 6, 2006
In our day to day lives we invest a great deal of trust in science and its institutions to tell us the truth about ourselves, about the world we live in and our place in it - whether it's about the foods we eat, our health, the technologies we use, or our general sense of well-being....[continue]

Household Chemicals May Pose Human Health Risk
University of Victoria | October 5, 2006
An antibacterial agent used in common household items such as soaps, toothpaste, processed food, and clothing represents a potential health risk to human hormone action, says a new study co-authored by a University of Victoria researcher....[continue]

Blood transfusion-transmitted infections: A global perspective
McMaster University | October 3, 2006
Thanks to the many blood-safety interventions introduced since 1984, the overall risk for most transfusion-transmitted infections has become exceedingly small....[continue]

McGill top laureate in 2006 Forces AVENIR awards
McGill University | October 3, 2006
McGill University has once again distinguished itself, with awards in five of 12 categories at the 8th Forces AVENIR Gala....[continue]

Bacteria discovery aids food production, water purificatio
Queen's University | September 29, 2006
The search for a type of bacteria that creates better ice cream and artificial snow has suddenly become a lot easier, thanks to a discovery by Queen's University biologist Virginia Walker....[continue]

Arthritis Month "Of Interest"
University of Western Ontario | September 18, 2006
Arthritis affects more than four million Canadians and is the leading cause of disability in Canada today, side-lining approximately 600,000 people....[continue]

U of A Celebration of Teaching and Learning honours best and brightest
University of Alberta | September 8, 2006
The University of Alberta honours more than 400 of its best and brightest teachers and students today at the 11th annual Celebration of Teaching and Learning....[continue]

Dalhousie receives cash dividend from spin off company ImmunoVaccine Technologies Inc.
Dalhousie University | August 29, 2006
Dalhousie will receive a one-time cash payment of $30,000.00 in return for the transfer of patent rights to licensee ImmunoVaccine Technologies Inc. (IVT)....[continue]

Montreal researchers stimulate human immune cells to fight HIV
McGill University | August 28, 2006
Montreal researchers have succeeded in reviving "exhausted" human immune cells, enabling them to fight the AIDS virus....[continue]

Job Well Done Elaine; SMUís Health and Safety Coordinator retires after 35 years of service
St. Mary's University | August 25, 2006
When Elaine McCulloch walked through the doors of the Science...[continue]

Seven Garner Royal Society Medals, Awards
University of Toronto | August 23, 2006
Prizes a tribute to the outstanding contributions made by Canadians...[continue]

South African HIV/AIDS activist to speak at Brock
Brock University | August 18, 2006
On Monday, Aug. 21, at 12 noon, at Brock University, in Thistle 254, Ashraf Mohammed, a leading South African HIV/AIDS activist, will give a talk on the HIV/AIDS crisis in South Africa and review some of the work being done in schools and universities to combat the pandemic. Mohammed's visit to the University follows his appearance at the International AIDS Conference in Toronto, Ont....[continue]

Report released on injection drug use in St. Johnís
Memorial University of Newfoundland | August 11, 2006
Injection drug use in St. Johnís is a multi-dimensional community concern that demands a multifaceted community response, according to a report released Aug. 10, titled a Needs Assessment of Injection Drug Use in St. Johnís....[continue]

Microbiologist receives early career award
McMaster University | August 10, 2006
Brian Coombes, an assistant professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, has won a prestigious international award from the American Society for Microbiology....[continue]

Discovery May Provide Clues to Origins of Life
University of Guelph | July 27, 2006
A new microbe that may hold clues to the origins of life on a harsh, young Earth has been discovered by an international team of scientists including a University of Guelph microbiologist....[continue]

Study Reveals Why People with Diabetes Get More Infections
University of Western Ontario | July 24, 2006
Researchers at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at The University of Western Ontario have gained important new insight into why people with diabetes are at greater risk of developing recurrent infections and complications following seemingly mild infections....[continue]

University of Manitoba | July 20, 2006
Three professors from the University of Manitoba are among 82 scholars and scientists who have been elected to the prestigious Royal Society of Canada (RSC)....[continue]

Sixteen elected to Royal Society of Canada Faculty members receive highest Canadian academic accolade
University of Toronto | July 20, 2006
Each year the Royal Society of Canada, this countryís oldest and most prestigious scholarly organization, elects new fellows to its ranks and 16 U of T top faculty members are among the 82 outstanding scholars, scientists and artists elected this year....[continue]

Eight new Canada Research Chairs announced U of Tís total now 223
University of Toronto | July 19, 2006
The new chairs were announced July 19 by Maxime Bernier, minister of industry and minister responsible for the Canada Research Chairs program....[continue]

Seven McGill faculty members elected to prestigious Royal Society of Canada
McGill University | July 17, 2006
McGill University is pleased to announce that the following faculty members are among the 82 new Fellows announced by the Royal Society of Canada....[continue]

Professor named to Order of Companions of Honour
University of Toronto | July 5, 2006
Pawson adds prestigious award to his many accomplishments...[continue]

Hygiene Science Institute at Brock, added bonus for students studying Applied Health Sciences
Brock University | July 4, 2006
Hygiene, to most, is often taken for granted, but it is a significant topic because of its importance to a healthy and safe life....[continue]

Prof Makes Seed Decontamination Breakthrough
University of Guelph | July 4, 2006
A University of Guelph food scientist is part of a team that has made a breakthrough in finding a safe, effective way to decontaminate seeds used to produce bean sprouts, alfalfa sprouts and other types of sprouts Ė culprits in several major food-borne illness outbreaks around the world....[continue]

Another stem cell first for U of T and Canada
University of Toronto | June 29, 2006
Umbilical cord tissue proves to be a rich source of stem cells s with multi-potential use in tissue repair...[continue]

U of G Prof Working to 'Hatch' Omega-3 Chicken
University of Guelph | June 29, 2006
The egg may have come first for Omega-3 enriched poultry products, but now the chicken isnít far behind....[continue]



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