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Changes in the Office of Vice President Academic and Provost
St. Mary's University | November 10, 2006
Dr. Lorne Whitehead, who has served UBC with great distinction since July 2004 as Vice President Academic and Provost, and I have agreed that he will resign from his current administrative duties in order to focus his energy and skills on improving the quality of teaching at this university as Leader of Education Innovation....[continue]

University of Ottawa takes on "Weighty Issues" during Frontiers in Research Lectures
University of Ottawa | November 8, 2006
Stone Age peoples carved obese female figurines. Ancient Greeks built strong and athletic looking statues....[continue]

Nine uOttawa scientists receive Early Researcher Award
University of Ottawa | November 7, 2006
Nine researchers at the University of Ottawa have received an Early Research Award, formerly the Premier’s Research Excellence Awards....[continue]

Brock researcher awarded 2006 Polanyi Prize for Literature
Brock University | October 27, 2006
James Allard, Assistant Professor in the Department of English Language and Literature at Brock University, has been awarded the 2006 John Charles Polanyi Prize for Literature....[continue]

Fall Convocation 2006 Award Recipients Announced at U of S
University of Saskatchewan | October 27, 2006
Each year, the University of Saskatchewan honours those whose achievements benefit people at home, nationally and internationally. This year's award presentations will take place at Fall Convocation on Saturday, October 28, 2006....[continue]

Brain Gain: UVic Attracts Scientific Star From the U.S.
University of Victoria | October 25, 2006
The University of Victoria has attracted one of the world’s leading protein chemists to head the UVic-Genome British Columbia Proteomics Centre....[continue]

University of New Brunswick - Fredericton | October 24, 2006
Biologist William Seabrook and historian Gillian Thompson have joined the ranks of professors emeriti at the University of New Brunswick in Fredericton. They received the honorary emeritus designation at fall Convocation, Oct. 19, in recognition of their distinguished careers....[continue]

PhD candidate takes U of T to heartStudent finds passion in teaching, research and learning from mentor
University of Toronto | October 24, 2006
Nesime Askin was a fourth year physiology student on the St. George campus when a review paper she wrote for a course changed her life....[continue]

Gairdner Award winners taking science to high school students at York U
York University | October 23, 2006
Two award-winning medical research scientists will speak to more than 300 high school students from the Greater Toronto Area on Wednesday, giving them a rare glimpse into the worlds of metabolic engineering and cell function....[continue]

Gairdner Awards bring top medical minds to U of T
University of Toronto | October 20, 2006
Prestigious event here Oct. 24-27...[continue]

UBC Researchers Find Food-free Route to Obesity
University of British Columbia | October 19, 2006
Can people get fat -- and risk debilitating diabetes -- without overeating?...[continue]

McGill expert alert: Clean Air Act/ Environment
McGill University | October 19, 2006
The Harper government will soon table its Clean Air Act in Parliament....[continue]

National health research institute awards Queen’s researchers $6.3 million
Queen's University | October 16, 2006
Researchers studying fetal alcohol disorders, chemotherapy resistant tumours, and tissue-engineered cartilage are among 12 Queen’s projects to receive a total of $6.3 million from the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)....[continue]

Fruit fly 'hibernation' linked to single important gene
University of Toronto | October 16, 2006
Findings have potential to develop new agricultural and medical techniques...[continue]

Professors to be honoured for teaching and research excellence
Brock University | October 13, 2006
Brock University will honour three faculty members for their contributions to teaching and research as part of the second ceremony of its Fall Convocation to be held on Saturday, Oct. 21, at 2 p.m., in the Ian D. Beddis Gymnasium, located in the Walker Complex....[continue]

Seal viewing platform temporarily closed at Ocean Sciences Centre
Memorial University of Newfoundland | October 13, 2006
Due to ongoing construction at Memorial University of Newfoundland’s Ocean Sciences Centre (OSC), public access is temporarily unavailable to the popular seal viewing platform....[continue]

Snakes (and humans) In Space lecture to explain impacts of weightlessness on people
University of Waterloo | October 11, 2006
A former scientist from NASA will explain how humans can counteract the physiological effects of weightlessness during a lecture entitled Snakes In Space....[continue]

University of Ottawa takes on "Weighty Issues" during Frontiers in Research Lectures
University of Ottawa | October 2, 2006
Stone Age peoples carved obese female figurines. Ancient Greeks built strong and athletic looking statues....[continue]

Ontario Invests $1.3 Million in U of G Research
University of Guelph | September 29, 2006
The provincial government is investing nearly $1.3 million in leading-edge research at the University of Guelph....[continue]

Queen's in the News
Queen's University | September 25, 2006
Jayant Lele (Political Studies) discusses how honour crimes are depicted as an extension of Islam, or other religions, in the Ottawa Citizen....[continue]

"No time to exercise" is no excuse
McMaster University | September 19, 2006
Those who maintain that the busy pace of life offers no time to exercise have just run out of another excuse, unless of course they can't spare three minutes to exercise....[continue]

Study shows that diabetes can be prevented with drug therapy
McMaster University | September 15, 2006
A drug used to treat diabetes may significantly reduce the chances of developing the disease when taken by those most at risk, according to an international trial led by CIHR-funded researchers at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University....[continue]

Study shows that diabetes can be prevented with drug therapy
McMaster University | September 14, 2006
A drug used to treat diabetes may significantly reduce the chances of developing the disease when taken by those most at risk, according to an international trial led by CIHR-funded researchers at the Michael G. DeGroote School of Medicine at McMaster University....[continue]

Dr. Richard Leigh named to the University of Calgary’s GSK-CIHR Professorship in Inflammatory Lung Disease
University of Calgary | September 14, 2006
Research focuses on the functional changes that occur with asthma and other chronic lung diseases...[continue]

Million Dollar Gift to Aid Research
University of Western Ontario | September 7, 2006
Newly renovated laboratories at the Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry at The University of Western Ontario are making it easier for scientists to conduct their research thanks to a million dollar donation from Mitchell Baran, owner and Chairman of the Trudell Medical Group, his wife Kathryn and their four children, George, Matthew, Kristen and Danielle....[continue]

MEDIA ADVISORY for Thursday September 7, 2006
University of Western Ontario | September 5, 2006
Announcement of a significant donation by a London family known for their health care business locally, nationally and internationally....[continue]

It’s all in the genes
Mount Allison University | August 25, 2006
While most of us are busy getting rid of fruit flies this time of year, Mount Allison University biology student Aaron Robichaud and biochemistry student Alana Newman are making ample use of them through an exciting summer research project....[continue]

Brandon University’s Dr. Wendy Untereiner wins her second Mycological Society of America research award
Brandon University | August 10, 2006
Dr. Wendy Untereiner, an Associate Professor in the Brandon University Department of Botany and a Canada Research Chair in Resource Management and the Environment, has been awarded the 2006 C.J Alexopoulos Prize...[continue]

Seeking the sex factor in knee pain
University of Calgary | August 2, 2006
New study searches for answers about why womensuffer more joint injuries than men...[continue]

Marijuana May Provide Nausea Relief to Chemo Patients, Prof Finds
University of Guelph | July 28, 2006
A University of Guelph psychology professor has discovered that marijuana may help prevent anticipatory nausea – relief that many cancer chemotherapy patients can’t obtain from existing anti-vomit and anti-nausea drugs....[continue]

U of C geography team charts evolving grizzly habitat
University of Calgary | July 26, 2006
A team of University of Calgary researchers mapping grizzly bear habitat across Alberta and southeastern B.C. this summer says the pace of land development may be jeopardizing the long-term health of the species....[continue]

Sixteen elected to Royal Society of Canada Faculty members receive highest Canadian academic accolade
University of Toronto | July 20, 2006
Each year the Royal Society of Canada, this country’s oldest and most prestigious scholarly organization, elects new fellows to its ranks and 16 U of T top faculty members are among the 82 outstanding scholars, scientists and artists elected this year....[continue]

Tibetan Culture to Testing Concrete: UBC Gains Brains with Federal Research Funding
University of British Columbia | July 19, 2006 » UBC Public AffairsUBC Public Affairs310 - 6251 Cecil Green Park Road, Vancouver, BC Canada V6T 1Z1tel 604.822.3131...[continue]

Canada's Leading Researchers Recognized
University of Western Ontario | July 19, 2006
Three researchers at The University of Western Ontario were named new recipients of one of the nation's most prestigious research awards this morning for their studies of energy markets, cell death and skill development. Canada Research Chairs (CRC) recognize researchers seen as leaders in their respective fields of study....[continue]

Cell protection mechanism points to therapies to prevent heart attacks and strokes
Queen's University | July 19, 2006
An understanding of how two genes cooperate to protect aortic muscle cells points to new therapies to treat arteriosclerosis, the major cause of heart attack and stroke, a study by Queen’s University researchers concludes....[continue]

Two Canada Research Chairs for McMaster
McMaster University | July 12, 2006
The breadth and depth of McMaster's research capacity is evident in the latest announcement by the Canada Research Chairs program, awarding one new research chair to behavioural ecologist Sigal Balshine, and renewing Dr. Timothy Whelan's Canada Research Chair in Health Services Research in Cancer....[continue]

Memorial University’s Marine Institute to Host International Fisheries Researchers
Memorial University of Newfoundland | July 12, 2006
Fishery researchers and scientists from around the world will visit Memorial University’s Marine Institute and the Ocean Science Centre to attend the 7th International Congress on the Biology of Fish, which runs July 18-22 in St. John’s....[continue]

Hygiene Science Institute at Brock, added bonus for students studying Applied Health Sciences
Brock University | July 4, 2006
Hygiene, to most, is often taken for granted, but it is a significant topic because of its importance to a healthy and safe life....[continue]

Asteroids named after U of T couple
University of Toronto | June 23, 2006
Percys honoured for their contributions to science...[continue]

U of T giants of biomedical science to be immortalized in new research centre hall
University of Toronto | June 23, 2006
Sculpture to be unveiled June 27...[continue]



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