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Research in Biomechanics in Canada

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Biomechanics Research Areas and Disciplines

Biomechanical research focuses on two areas: sports and human fitness, and ergonomics and workplace safety.

Using new technologies developed by biomechanics, scientists are examining the interrelation of physiological and biomechanical parameters during the execution of multi-joint movement tasks such as ice-skating. This research has been responsible for the modification of the fit of ice hockey equipment for both adults and children.

Studies are also underway to study the effects of current sports equipment on the physics of human movement. For example, the effect of side slopes on foot motion and body posture and balance is being investigated for long-distance runners. Commercialization of this type of research includes the production of specific shoes for long-distance running.

The impact tolerances of the human body are being studied in order to better protect the human body during sports. For example, dynamic pressure measures between hockey helmets and the head during impact are being studied. As well, the effect of foam densities on impact distribution is being investigated with the aim of designing better helmets for biking, skiing, skating, or other high-impact activities.

Researchers are also interested in understanding mechanisms and reducing acute and repetitive strain injuries, and designing better workplace environments to improve safety. The influence of various injuries such as whiplash on posture and movement are being studied, with applications towards rehabilitation associated with the workplace.

Biomechanics is widely used in the orthopedic industry to design orthopedic implants for human joints, dental parts, external fixations and other medical purposes. With regards to the aged, researchers are interested in identifying how various sensory and motor impairments affect mobility, and what can be done to enhance coping strategies and minimize further deterioration.

Study and Work in Biomechanics in Canada

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