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What Biomechanics Students Learn

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Studying Biomechanics in Canada

The first years are spent laying the foundations of anatomy and physiology, physics, and mechanical engineering. Students learn how the human body is designed and moves, and common disorders affecting the skeletal system.

Students learn the foundations of muscular and mechanical analysis of human movement, the mechanics of biomechanical research, and the modeling and simulation of human movement. This can center on the biomechanics of sport, muscle, tissue, and orthopedics.

Students then learn applied mechanics, especially thermodynamics, fluid mechanics, solid mechanics, and continuum mechanics. They learn how these work in living systems and apply their knowledge to the human body.

Hands-on learning includes learning the basic elements of biomechanics experimental data collection including instrumentation, analog-to-digital conversion, signal processing and analysis. This can take place in the lab or in the field. They also learn about the development and use of methodologies such as electromyography, kinetics and kinematics to understand loading on various tissues and the control and regulation of goal directed movements and postures.

Students also study joint movements by using film, video or infrared recording, the measurement of external forces acting upon the body by means of force plates, accelerometers, and dynamometers and the collection of measures of muscle activity during movement tasks and subsequent processing. Computer modeling is also part of the biomechanical curriculum.

Study and Work in Biomechanics in Canada

Study Biomechanics in Canada
What is Biomechanics? Discover similiar and related programs and universities in Canada offering Biomechanics degrees.

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