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Profile of Carpenters Training Centre of New Brunswick

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Carpenters Training Centre of New Brunswick

Profile of Career College/Trade School

Carpenters Training Centre of New Brunswick Inc. focuses on the professional expertise that is required for the industry today. The courses offered by the Carpenters Training Centre of New Brunswick Inc. usually cater to the needs of the United Brotherhood of Carpenters, Millwrights and Allied Worker’s. It also has courses that are suitable for the public. The college has hired well-trained and very talented staff to impart training in many courses varying from Rigging and Scaffolding to Carpentry and Welding as well as a number of NBCSA courses.

The course on Basic Scaffolding is the most popular one. Around, eighty percent of this course is dedicated to enhancing production. The left over percent concentrates on knowledge goals. At present, Carpenters Training Centre of New Brunswick Inc. has two programs running. One is the 24-week skill enhancement program and the other is a 40-week Carpentry Pre-Employment program. The Twenty Four Week Skill Enhancement Program teaches students the fundamental skills of carpentry, together with blueprint reading and mathematics. In the Forty Week Pre-Employment Carpentry, students are taught various kinds of skills that are required to begin a career in Carpentry. The course includes roughly seventy five percent of on-site training along with a two-week work period. Once the course ends, the students have to appear for their exams.

  • Blueprint Reading
  • Form & Bridge Construction
  • GE Gas Turbine
  • Interior Framing & Drywall
  • Intro. To Welding
  • Powered Industrial Truck Operation
  • Pre-Employment Carpentry
  • Residential Construction
  • Welding Upgrade 1
  • Welding Upgrade 2
  • Welding Upgrade 3
  • Welding Upgrade 4

    Program Keywords:
  • Carpentry and Woodworking
  • Construction, Surveying and Building
  • Drafting and AutoCAD
  • Employment and Career Counselling
  • Interior Decorating and Design
  • Oil, Gas and Energy
  • Truck Driver and Driving
  • Welder and Welding

    Campus/School Location(s)
    1. Carpenters Training Centre of New Brunswick

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