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S and A Sprint Driving School

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S & A Sprint Driving School Inc. is a private career college that offers professional driver training programs. The institution offers extensive classroom training as well as practical guidance to ensure that the students gain the confidence to become safe drivers. All programs that offered by the institution are approved by the Ministry of Transportation. The institution ensures that the curriculum is kept up-to -date and that the vehicles and equipments used are the latest in the field. This makes it possible for students to get trained in the latest skills that are in demand. Instructors at the institution are highly trained experts that have vast experience in professional driving as well as in teaching.

S & A Sprint Driving School Inc. ensures that the students learn to drive in all weather conditions as they receive road safety training. The students are given defensive driving training as well as taught how to handle emergency situations, to avert accidents etc. The students are offered G1 and G2 programs as well as A-Z programs. Students may avail of theoretical as well as practical programs. Students also learn to drive in the city as well as on highways. Students may take up air brake endorsement/adjustment programs, fork lifting programs, tractor-trailer programs etc. Students are also offered boat driver license training programs where they learn the 149 knowledge points that have been specified by the Canadian Coast Guard.

S & A Sprint Driving School Inc. offers several drivers refresher programs that train professional truck drivers in the latest skills. The successful graduates who complete the program and secure a license are offered job placement assistance by the institution.

  • B- training on AUTOMATIC Transmision - A-Z Courses
  • Border Crossing & National Safety Code - A-Z Courses
  • D truck an AUTOMATIC- Private lesson - A-Z Courses
  • Defensive Driver Improvement Course - G1 & G2 Courses (Cars)
  • Defensive Driver Improvement Course For Class(B-E) - A-Z Courses
  • FORKLIFT - A-Z Courses
  • In-Truck training - A-Z Courses
  • Transportation of Dangerous Goods - A-Z Courses
  • Truck for Road Test - A-Z Courses

    Program Keywords:
  • Automotive and Auto Technician
  • Construction, Surveying and Building
  • Management, Leadership and Training
  • Recreation, Leisure and Sports
  • Truck Driver and Driving
  • Workplace Safety and WHMIS

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    1. S and A Sprint Driving School

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