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Food Chain Faces Serious Sting, Says U of G Prof
University of Guelph | November 16, 2006
The decline of the buzzing sound from bees may be music to some people’s ears, but a University of Guelph professor is part of a team of researchers that say shrinking pollinator populations in North America pose a serious threat to our plants, food chain and economy....[continue]

A new theory of how much kidney function is enough
Memorial University of Newfoundland | November 10, 2006
An article published today (Nov. 11) in the December issue of the journal Nuclear Medicine Communications proposes a new theory of the need for kidney function....[continue]

U of T campus police sponsor simulated critical incident management training
University of Toronto | November 9, 2006
Integrated response from emergency services is vital...[continue]

Leadership Mount Allison Speaker Series concludes with the "Peace Mom," Nov. 14
Mount Allison University | November 9, 2006
Cindy Sheehan, better known as the "Peace Mom" by the media, will be coming to Atlantic Canada for the first time as the final speaker in Mount Allison’s Leadership Certificate Program 2006 Speaker Series....[continue]

Social Entrepreneur Engaging the Public at Lakehead U
Lakehead University | October 27, 2006
Educator, artist, and social entrepreneur Greg Forbes Siegman will be the next guest in the Lakehead University Speaker Series. On October 30, Siegman — whose first thirty years of life serve as the basis for The First Thirty by Jillip Naysinthe Paxson — will speak about dealing with rejection, discovering your passion, and redefining success....[continue]

Carleton Chemistry Professor To Receive Prestigious Polanyi Research Award
Carleton University | October 26, 2006
This evening, Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Carleton University, Maria DeRosa, will be awarded a John Charles Polanyi Research Award. The Government of Ontario established these awards 20 years ago to honour up to five outstanding researchers a year who are in the early stages of their career at an Ontario university. These $20,000 awards are named in honor of University of Toronto chemistry superstar and 1986 Nobel Laureate John Polanyi....[continue]

McMaster establishes new graduate program in neuroscience
McMaster University | October 26, 2006
McMaster University has long been a leader in neurosciences, and a new graduate program will create an interdisciplinary, research-oriented training program....[continue]

Marine protected Areas and Biodiversity Conservation in Mexico and Costa Rica
St. Mary's University | October 23, 2006
On Monday, October 30 at 4:00 PM in Room ME 105 (McNally Building-East Wing), Saint Mary’s University will present a talk by Drs. Alfredo Ortega and Angel Herrera....[continue]

Scientist Awarded $180,000 Space Fellowship
St. Mary's University | October 18, 2006
The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) announced this morning that a Saint Mary’s University professor has received a Fellowship in Space Science....[continue]

U of G Ranked Among World's Top Ag Research Institutions
University of Guelph | October 16, 2006
The University of Guelph ranked seventh among universities worldwide for its impact on agricultural sciences during the past decade, a study by Science Watch reveals....[continue]

TIGRESS Has Successful First Run, Will Help Answer Mysteries of the Universe
University of Guelph | October 12, 2006
What makes up the stuff of the universe, from the innards of distant stars to the elements inside you?...[continue]

Snakes (and humans) In Space lecture to explain impacts of weightlessness on people
University of Waterloo | October 11, 2006
A former scientist from NASA will explain how humans can counteract the physiological effects of weightlessness during a lecture entitled Snakes In Space....[continue]

Tom Dailey’s got the spirit!
St. Mary's University | October 11, 2006
The Centre for Spirituality and the Workplace at Saint Mary’s will be hosting a talk by Tom Daily from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM in the Xerox Room (Sobey Building) on Thursday, October 26....[continue]

New MRI Facility Boosts Cutting-edge Neuroscience Research
University of Lethbridge | October 6, 2006
Officials from the University of Lethbridge’s Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscience (CCBN) opened a new Imaging Centre on Friday October 6, 2006....[continue]

Killam Lecture: How do Google Searchers Behave? Google Senior Research Scientist, Daniel M. Russell, Speaks.
Dalhousie University | October 3, 2006
How do Google searchers behave? Improving search by divining intent....[continue]

ANDERSON, Kenneth Borden "Moose"
St. Mary's University | October 3, 2006
ANDERSON, Kenneth Borden "Moose" - 1937-2006, passed away at home in the comfort of his family....[continue]

Conquering fears and phobias: book
Ryerson University | September 27, 2006
Do you faint at the sight of blood? Or are you afraid of flying in airplanes but have to for work? If you answered yes to either of these questions, chances are, you might have a phobia, says a Ryerson University psychologist....[continue]

McGill tops Canadian universities in biotech patents
McGill University | September 22, 2006
A report by the Milken Institute indicates that McGill University ranked 14th in the world – ahead of all other Canadian universities as well as Yale and UCLA – in translating its biotech research into patents....[continue]

UBC Research Garners High Scores in Latest International Surveys
University of British Columbia | September 21, 2006
In the last month, the University of British Columbia has scored eighth, 27th and 36th in surveys that compare the world’s best research universities....[continue]

Unusual island evolution happens faster than thought
McGill University | September 19, 2006
In evolutionary circles, giant rats and miniature elephants have long been accepted as the products of accelerated evolution in isolated environments such as islands, but McGill paleontologist Virginie Millien has been the first to establish just how quickly these odd-shaped animals got that way....[continue]

Papua New Guinea honours Rotman professor
University of Toronto | September 19, 2006
David Beatty is country’s honorary consul...[continue]

UBC Research Major Contributor to World’s First Tree Genome
University of British Columbia | September 14, 2006
An international team of scientists, including seven from the University of British Columbia, has completed the world’s first physical map and sequencing of a tree genome -- and the third plant ever sequenced -- providing important insight into the future development of alternative fuels, forest health and wood quality....[continue]

Leading International Executives to Guide Expanded School of Business
University of Prince Edward Island | September 12, 2006
Business leaders and academics from a broad range of innovative corporations and institutions in Canada, the US, Mexico, and Switzerland are contributing their expertise to a new organization at the University of Prince Edward Island....[continue]

McMaster to host 9/11 conference
McMaster University | September 11, 2006
Today marks the fifth anniversary of an event that brought terror and chaos to North America, and forever changed the attitudes, thinking and policy of citizens and governments....[continue]

BU Coach Barnaby Craddock Finalizes Mens Basketball 2006 Recruiting Class
Brandon University | August 30, 2006
Bobcats second year Head Coach Barnaby Craddock announced this week that a former Canada...[continue]

Methane Hydrates Not Cause of Past Global Warming
University of Victoria | August 24, 2006
By studying gas bubbles frozen in ancient Greenland ice, University of Victoria researchers have dispelled a popular theory that marine gas hydrates caused a significant release of methane gas into the earth’s atmosphere, triggering in a period of global warming at the end of the last ice age....[continue]

School of Music 100th Anniversary Reunion: August 18 – 20, 2006
Brandon University | August 14, 2006
The School of Music reunion, celebrating 100 years of music instruction at Brandon University, takes place August 18-20, 2006...[continue]

Installation of CCBN Magnetic Resonance Imaging Equipment
University of Lethbridge | July 28, 2006
The University of Lethbridge’s Canadian Centre for Behavioural Neuroscienceadded two major research tools to its expanding abilities to study thebrain with the installation of two magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) magnet units on July 26....[continue]

Brock University student investigates Frederick Douglass Manuscripts
Brock University | July 13, 2006
This summer, Rosanne Waters, a Brock University student, is spending six weeks researching Frederick Douglass manuscripts - many of them unpublished - in the Gilder Lehrman Collection in New York City....[continue]

Confrontation, Crisis, and the Continuing Struggle for Equality in America, Presentation July 19
University of Prince Edward Island | July 12, 2006
The UPEI Distinguished Visitor Speaker Series continues July 19 with R.Bruce Craig's presentation entitled "Confrontation, Crisis, and the Continuing Struggle for Equality in America." Craig is a historian and a 20th century specialist....[continue]

Predation Plays a Role in Evolution Say SFU Scientists
Simon Fraser University | June 27, 2006
A Simon Fraser University doctoral student has discovered that predators not only size up their prey based on their looks, but also help drive the evolution of species....[continue]

Creating a Window on ‘Oceans in Motion’: Academic, Science, Engineering Experts Illuminating Sea Life Conditions, Migrations
Dalhousie University | June 26, 2006
Conference experts are available Monday June 26 for advance interviews and later through the week. Please call or email to schedule a time....[continue]

Brandon University to give public presentations on rural development
Brandon University | June 23, 2006
As part of the International Comparative Rural Policy Studies (ICRPS) Summer School 2006 program being hosted by Brandon University’s Department of Rural Development and the Rural Development Institute (RDI) from June 24 to July 15, three talks examining various aspects of rural and regional development are open to the public....[continue]

Decline of World’s Estuaries and Coastal Seas Has Accelerated in Last 150-300 Years
Dalhousie University | June 22, 2006
Human activity over the centuries has depleted 90% of marine species, eliminated 65% of seagrass and wetland habitat, degraded water quality 10-1,000 fold, and accelerated species invasions in 12 major estuaries and coastal seas around the world, according to a study published in Science Magazine on Friday, June 23d, and supported in part by the Lenfest Ocean Program....[continue]

Canada and California Forge a Strategic Innovation Partnership
University of British Columbia | June 22, 2006
Officials from the University of British Columbia and the University of California have announced that a growing partnership between California and Canadian research leaders has resulted in the completion of a new ultra-high bandwidth connection between Canada’s national research and education network and the California state education network....[continue]

Acting Dean of Humanities appointed
McMaster University | June 21, 2006
A new acting dean has been appointed for the Faculty of Humanities. Bob McNutt will assume the position as of July 1 for a six-month term....[continue]

UBC Engineers Create Vehicle that Travels from Vancouver to Halifax on a Gallon of Gas
University of British Columbia | June 20, 2006
A team of engineering students from The University of British Columbia has built a vehicle so efficient that it could travel from Vancouver to Halifax on a gallon of gasoline....[continue]

BCIT partners with Alliance Enterprise Corp on landmine detection
British Columbia Institute of Technology | June 19, 2006
The British Columbia Institute of Technology and The Alliance Enterprise Corporation have come together to develop new technologies for the detection of landmines around the world....[continue]

School of Music Reunion to celebrate 100 years of music instruction at BU
Brandon University | June 15, 2006
The School of Music reunion, celebrating 100 years of music instruction at Brandon University, takes place August 18-20, 2006....[continue]

'UN 911 Emergency Service' Vision of Western Professor
University of Western Ontario | June 15, 2006
When a new global initiative to stop genocide is launched at the United Nations in New York tomorrow, at its core will be the vision of Canadian professor Peter Langille....[continue]



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