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Research in Marine Biology in Canada

Research opportunities for students studying Marine Biology.

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Marine Biology Research Areas and Disciplines

Given that the marine environment is still relatively unknown, new species are being discovered all the time. Researchers are cataloguing and characterizing new species, and sometimes these new species have properties that are useful to humans such as toxin activity (new drugs) or new food sources. Researchers are examining the deep ocean for new species and have discovered entirely new ecosystems that exist independently of sunlight.

Scientists are also studying the environmental impacts of mining on marine conservation. For example, studies are underway to study the effects of oil platforms on the surrounding ecosystems such as benthic plants and animals, sea urchins, snow crabs, and seaweed. Marine biologists are also looking at the effects of climate change on sensitive organisms in the Canadian arctic.

Fish ecology and nutrition is also being studied. For instance, the appetite of certain fishes is being studied with respect to external factors such as temperature, photoperiods, and environmental contaminants. As well, the genetic composition, physiology, and migration ecology of fish can be compromised by external factors. These studies can provide new approaches to manage and enhance growth and reproduction in fish, critical for the aquaculture industry (see article on aquaculture).

Large-mammal studies include comparing populations from various geographic regions to determine overall species health. For example, sea lion populations on the West Coast are being studied in an attempt to determine why they are declining in the Gulf of Alaska. Also, orca populations are being studied to determine the physiological and genetic differences between resident and transient populations.

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Study Marine Biology in Canada
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