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Digital School

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Digital School is a certified professional career college situated in Edmonton. It mainly focuses on computer-aided drafting and design training. The college is also an Autodesk © Authorized training centre in Alberta. Digital School, previously known as Alberta School of Drafting, has effectively taught Albertans for the past twenty years in manual Computer-Aided Drafting (CAD). In fact, it is one of the very first colleges to impart training in Computer Aided Drafting in Alberta. It also offers quality Computer Aided Design (CAD) distance-learning education to the students who are not interested in undergoing regular classes.

Digital School tries its best to provide pioneering, high-tech, and industry-specific Computer Aided Drafting and Design Training. Professional instructors with years of industry interface teach the programs. The class sizes are kept minimal for better student-teacher ratio. The campus is easily accessible vial local transports. The trainers use a lecture-based mode of instruction in amalgamation with hands-on exercises. The courses are designed and imparted with the needs of the students in mind.

Digital School provides a variety of financial options for funding your education. Do not shy away from investing in your education. It is one of the most crucial investment decisions you will make in your entire life. Donít worry, you are assured of a healthy return after you complete the course. Sources of funding options include federal and provincial grants, loans, private loans and line-of-credit, payment plans, and academic scholarships for eligible students who meet the criteria.

  • 3D Studio Max
  • 3D Studio Max - Part Time Courses
  • Applied Building COde
  • Architectural Drawings and Details I
  • Architectural Drawings and Details II
  • AutoCAD 3D Modeling
  • AutoCAD 3D Modeling - Part Time Courses
  • AutoCAD Basics
  • AutoCAD Fundamentals
  • AutoCAD Level 1
  • AutoCAD Level 1 - Part Time Courses
  • AutoCAD Level 2
  • AutoCAD Level 2 - Part Time Courses
  • AutoCAD Operator
  • AutoCAD Project
  • AutoCAD Project - Part Time Courses
  • AutoCAD Update
  • AutoCAD Update - Part Time Courses
  • Autodesk MAp
  • Autodesk Survey
  • Building Mechanical Systems and Drawings
  • Building Science
  • Building Services and Utilities
  • Computer Aided Drafter
  • Computer Applications
  • Construction Equipment and Technical Specifications
  • Construction Materials and Methods
  • Construction Surveys
  • Drawings Techniques and Theory
  • Electrical and Electronic Drawings and Theory
  • Engineering CAD Technician
  • Engineering Contracrs and Documents
  • Estimating and Quantity Take-Offs for Mechanical CAD Technicians
  • Foundations Drawings and Theory
  • Inventor 11 Level 1 - Part Time Courses
  • Inventor 11 Level 2 - Part Time Courses
  • Land Desktop and Civil Design
  • Land Titles Plans and Theory
  • Land USe Development and Regulations
  • Mechanical Drawings and Details for Engineering CAD Technicians
  • Mechanical Drawings and Details I
  • Mechanical Drawings and Details II
  • Mechanical Structures and Foundations
  • Municipal Services and Utilities
  • Photogrammetry
  • Presentation Drawings
  • Pressure Vessel Drawings and Details
  • Process Piping Drawings and Details
  • Process Piping Drawings and Details for Engineering CAD Technicians
  • Process Plant Design and Layout Drawings
  • Process Structural Drawings and Details
  • Productive AutoCAD
  • Project Data / Project Management Techniques
  • Storage Tank Drawings and Details
  • Structural Drawings and Details I
  • Structural Drawings and Details II
  • Structural Drawings and Theory
  • Subdivision Development Drawings and Details
  • Survey Calculations and Drawing Representations
  • Surveying Principles and Techniques I
  • Surveying Principles and Techniques II for Survey / Geomatics CAD Technicians
  • Technical Mathematics
  • Technical Specifications and Documents for Engineering CAD Technicians
  • Thought Patterns for a Successful Career
  • Topographical Drawings and Details for Engineering CAD Technicians
  • Topographical Drawings and Details for Survey / Geomatics CAD Technicians
  • Topographical Drawings and Details I
  • Topographical Drawings and Details II
  • Water Resource Drawing and Planning

    Program Keywords:
  • Animation and Game Design
  • Automotive and Auto Technician
  • Computer Networking and Internet Security
  • Construction, Surveying and Building
  • Drafting and AutoCAD
  • Drawing and Illustration
  • Electrician and Electrical
  • Employment and Career Counselling
  • General Art
  • General Computing
  • General Science
  • Graphic and Multimedia Design
  • Management, Leadership and Training
  • Mathematics
  • Microsoft
  • Modeling
  • Pattern Making
  • Photography
  • Project Management Professional
  • Robotics, Mechanical and Industrial Design
  • Visual Art and Design

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    1. Digital School

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