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Profile of Shang Hai TCM College of BC Canada

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Shang Hai TCM College of BC Canada

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Shang Hai TCM College of B.C. or SHTCM specializes in giving its students one on one instruction making learning an interactive process during their clinical and theoretical training. The faculty at SHTCM is of the highest quality, educated by Shang Hai China and they continue research activity in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The mode of instruction and research capabilities is unique and superior.

Shang Hai TCM College is a member of the American Alternative Medical Association and is accredited by the Private Career Training Institutions Agency, the American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the Council of Natural Medicine College of Canada. The Council of Natural Medicine College of Canada and CTCMA approve the courses offered by the college.

Courses offered by the college include TCM and Acupuncture for Advanced Techniques Courses, Registered Acupuncturist, Herbalist, Registered TCM Practitioner and Doctor Of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Shang Hai TCM College also offers a four-year Holistic Health Sciences Diploma program, approved by the PCTIA. The D.T.C.M. course includes the five-year Traditional Chinese medicine program approved by the CTCMA and an additional year of Holistic Health Sciences Post Diploma program approved by the CNMCC.

They also have courses in Chinese and English. When students complete these courses, they can apply for various licenses. These courses enable the students to become natural Health Doctors, TM and Natural Medicine Database Practitioners. Completion of these courses prepares students to apply for various licenses.

Key School Links
  • Admissons Information

  • Acupuncture Education - Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Course
  • Clinical Training for Acupuncture / TCM - Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Course
  • Complementary Diagnosis - Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Course
  • Doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine Diploma Program
  • Herbalist Diploma Program
  • Holistic Health Science Post Diploma Program
  • Holistic Health Sciences Diploma Program
  • Holistic Nutrition and Body Work Diploma
  • R. Ac. (Registered Acupuncturist) Diploma Program
  • R. Tcm. P. (Registered Tcm Practitioner) Diploma Program
  • TCM Formulae Education with TCM Diagnosis - Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Course
  • Western Diagnosis - Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Course

    Program Keywords:
  • Acupuncture
  • Chinese Medicine
  • Education
  • General Science
  • Health Care
  • Herbology and Herbal Therapy
  • Holistic
  • Management, Leadership and Training
  • Nutrition
  • TCM

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    1. Shang Hai TCM College of BC Canada

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