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Three uOttawa experts were recognized at the Ottawa Life Sciences Council Annual Achievement Awards

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October 5, 2005

Source: University of Ottawa:

Three uOttawa experts were recognized at the Ottawa Life Sciences Council Annual Achievement Awards

Three outstanding uOttawa experts were recognized on September 26 at the Ottawa Life Sciences Council Annual Achievement Awards. These awards celebrate individuals who have made significant contributions to Ottawa's emerging life sciences sector. Since their creation in 1994, 69 remarkable individuals and organizations have been honored by their peers, 22 of which were related with the University of Ottawa.

Here’s a quick look at this year’s winners:

Basic Research Award

Dr. Zemin Yao
Department of Biochemistry, Microbiology and Immunology, University of Ottawa

For his outstanding research into the fundamental mechanisms underlying the cause and prevention of disease the Basic Research Award was presented to Dr. Zemin Yao. Dr. Yao was recognized for his research into the metabolism of lipids, lipoproteins, their receptors and their linkage to heart disease and cancer. Dr. Yao’s laboratories recently revealed the first direct link between lipoprotein and cancer. His team discovered that cholesterol may play a role in stopping lipoprotein receptors in cells from suppressing the growth of tumors.

Dr. Michael Smith Promising Scientist Award

Dr. Robert Ben,
Associate Professor, University of Ottawa

Named after the famous Canadian Nobel Prize winner, the Dr. Michael Smith Promising Scientist Award went to Dr. Robert Ben, an Associate Professor at the University of Ottawa. This award recognizes an individual who shows significant promise in their first years of research. Dr. Ben’s exciting research on the key structural features of naturally occurring antifreeze glycoproteins will one day be used to help us understand how to protect living cells from freezing and death. This has wide implications to the public specifically in health care where donated organs might one day be frozen until they are needed rather than being wasted when a patient can’t be found fast enough to receive the transplant.

Career Achievement Award

Dr. G. Peter Raaphorst
Head, Medical Physics department, Ottawa Hospital Regional Cancer Centre
Professor, University of Ottawa & Carleton University

Dr. Raaphorst has been recognized with the Career Achievement Award for his role and dedication in building a world-class radiobiology and medical physics department to ensure that Ottawa residents receive first-rate cancer care. From its rudimentary beginnings of 3 basic physicists, a cobalt unit and a couple of old radio therapy units, the Cancer Centre has now grown into a department of 12 professional physicists, 40 support staff with leading-edge radiotherapy equipment making it one of the most advanced cancer treatment centers in Canada.

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