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U of T's Canada Research Chairs now at 206

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November 10, 2005

Source: University of Toronto:

U of T's Canada Research Chairs now at 206

13 new chairs announced
Nov 10/05
by Paul Fraumeni

U of Tís team of Canada Research Chairs -- the largest in the country -- was strengthened even further Nov. 10 with the announcement of 13 new chairs in such diverse areas as law, psychiatry and electrical and computer engineering.

The new Tier I chairs, who receive $200,000 annually for seven years, are: John Cairney of psychiatry, Rodolphe el-Khoury of architecture, landscape and design, George Eleftheriades of electrical and computer engineering (ECE), Mohammad Fadel of law, Alison Fleming of psychology, Siew-Ging Gong of dentistry, Daphne Goring of botany, Glenn Gulak of ECE, Kullervo Hynynen of medical biophysics and Sunnybrook & Womenís College Health Sciences Centre, Alberto Leon-Gracia of ECE, Molly Shoichet of chemical engineering and applied chemistry, Ross Upshur of family and community medicine and Sunnybrook and Jeffrey Wrana of medical genetics and microbiology.

"One of Canadaís most important national assets is its greatest minds," said David Emerson, minister of industry and minister responsible for the Canada Research Chairs program. "By empowering the most talented university researchers, the chairs program has become the keystone of the governmentís strategy to invigorate Canadian research, innovation and know-how."

The announcement also included the renewal of 10 Tier II ($100,000 annually for five years) chairs. These chair holders include Charles Boone of the Banting and Best Department of Medical Research, Dennis Cvitkovitch of dentistry, Karen Davis of surgery, Shitij Kapur of psychiatry and the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Yannick Portebois of French, Susan Quaggin of medicine and Mount Sinai Hospital, Ted Sargent of electrical and computer engineering, Christopher Yip and Peter Zandstra of chemical engineering and applied chemistry and the Institute of Biomaterials and Biomedical Engineering and Mei Zhen of medical genetics and microbiology.

"Everyone benefits when new Canada Research Chairs are appointed," said Professor John Challis, vice-president, research and associate provost. "Having these great scholars at U of T helps us tremendously in providing our undergraduate and graduate students with the best university education available. And these chairs individually and collectively improve Canadaís standing as an innovative nation."

The federal government has allocated 267 chairs to U of T. These new chairs bring U of Tís current total to 206.



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