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Applications and Forms for Universities in Canada

Depending on which Canadian province you’re in, the admissions or application process may vary. One thing that remains the same, however, is that you must comply with strict deadlines set out by the universities. The best advice is to be diligent with the deadlines and plan ahead. This article will go province-by-province to break down how to apply to the Canadian universities of your choice. But regardless of the province that the university is in, you can always contact the admissions office for any specific questions you may have.

Before applying to university, however, you must do some deep research into the programs and courses you are interested in studying. You must also be aware of the prerequisite requirements set out by the universities. This type of information can be found both on the Internet, and on the universities respective websites, as well as in the annual view book.


To apply to universities within Ontario, you must apply through the OUAC – The Ontario Universities' Application Centre, a website that is the direct link between you and the universities across Ontario. Whether you’re a prospective student in your final year of high school or a mature student, the OUAC allows you to make an account and make the application process easier than ever. Each year, the website offers a flat fee for up to three choices for you to apply to. Each additional choice costs extra, and you can apply to as many universities as you want. However, narrowing down your choices to a reasonable number can be a smart decision in the long run. Having fewer choices makes your final decision less daunting and can save you money. But at the same time, you should still plan your back-up schools accordingly. A key thing to look into is the minimum average you must have to apply for a particular program so you are aware of your chances of being accepted. This information can be found on the universities website (under ‘prospective students’) or in the annual view book. OUAC is in connection with Ontario high schools, and they provide your high school grades to universities to review. With OUAC, you have the ability to order your university choices and check back to see if you’ve been accepted by logging in online. You can also track the conditions of your acceptance using OUAC. However, be aware that upon accepting an offer to a school, OUAC will not display deadline information, such as when to pay tuition fees – this type of information can be found using your universities website. Another thing to note about the OUAC website is that once you accept an offer of admission, you can still accept another offer from a different school, as long as it is before the final deadline. The second acceptance will cancel out the first, and you can track the status online whenever you want. The OUAC makes the application process easy to apply and track your status.

Outside of Ontario

To apply to universities outside of Ontario, you must apply through the university admissions office itself. Each university will require a fee for sending in your application, which includes your high school transcript complete with all of your grades. University websites will often feature an application page with forms to fill out, along with your transcript. Some universities will require you to fill out additional information regarding your extracurricular activities and community involvement, such as Queens University in Kingston, Ontario. Applications can be sent online with the use of a credit card, or by mail if you include a cheque or money order to account for processing fees. In most cases, these fees are non-refundable.

To sum it up, all Canadian universities outside of Ontario require that you apply through their school directly, most commonly using the Internet. A list of links to admissions information and application pages can be found below.

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