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The Office of the Registrar and Student Awards website is one of your primary sources for academic student services and information.

The staff in the Registrarís Office is responsible for everything from admissions to registration to academic advising to Encaenia. They are the primary resource for scholarships, bursaries and financial aid. They take care of not only the day-to day requests of our students, but also assist them throughout their undergraduate degree.

The Registrar's Office and Student Services (ROSS) is your one-stop location for information on a wide variety of topics, including Admissions, Registration, Careers, Convocation, Counselling, Programs at the UofL, Scholarships and Student Loans, Transcripts, and much more!

The Office of the Registrar is responsible for many aspects of a student's life. The Office handles undergraduate and graduate admissions, including assessment of transfer credit; registrations; records management, including student records, student appeals, and transcripts; and scheduling, including courses and exams.

In addition, the Registrar's Office interprets the collection and dissemination of information for the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, and prepares for production many University publications, including the Undergraduate and Graduate Calendars.

As an advisor, our responsibilities in the advising partnership are as follows:

  • Understand and effectively communicate the UNBC curriculum, graduation requirements, policies and procedures
  • Encourage, support and empower students as you gain the skills and knowledge necessary for success
  • Provide students with information about and strategies for utilizing the available resources and services on campus
  • Be accessible for meeting with students via office hours for advising, telephone, or e-mail
  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Listen carefully to student's questions, concerns, and confusions

    Official transcripts are confidential and are released only on written request from the student. They are mailed as directed by the student in confidential envelopes marked "Official Transcript", or they may be held at the Office of the Registrar for pick-up by the student (picture identification required for pick-up). Third-party requests must be accompanied by a signed authorization from the student. Each transcript will include the student's complete academic record at the University. Since credit earned is determined on the results of final examinations, a transcript will not include results of mid-term examinations.

    Letters of Permission (LOPs) are processed by the Articulation Officer. These letters allow active UNBC students in good standing to complete courses at other institutions and to transfer the credits back to their UNBC credential. Students then know in advance if the courses they are requesting will help them meet their degree requirements.

    The letters are sent to both the student and the institution which they intend to visit, and they state the semester or academic year they are active for and what transfer credit the student will receive for each course. LOPs may be for either distance education or regular courses taken elsewhere, depending on the student's circumstances.

    Academic Services coordinates a wide variety of services supporting the academic careers of students at the University of Saskatchewan. These include overseeing the University's course offerings and registration processes; developing the final examination timetable and managing deferred and supplementary examinations; recording grades and producing transcripts; producing the online Calendar; and organizing the Spring and Fall Convocation ceremonies as well as the Certificate Graduation ceremony.

    Student central aims is to transform service delivery to current undergraduate and graduate students by providing more services on the web, improving the level and quality of customer services, and facilitating the coordination of processes. Student Centralís five Student Central Officers are information specialists who guide students to campus-wide services and resources while treating them as the multifaceted individuals that they are. This holistic and centralized approach acknowledges that our students need to focus on the challenges of academics, not the challenges of bureaucracy. Accordingly, Student Central is always looking for other ways to integrate services in ways that make sense to students.

    Scholarships & Awards is responsible for developing terms of reference for all student awards, developing policies, procedures and processes for the administration of undergraduate awards, selecting recipients for University, provincial and national award competitions, promoting award opportunities to University of Saskatchewan students and prospective students, their parents and guidance counselors, and acting as a resource for college award committees and other offices who administer student awards.

    Government & Emergency Loans provides expertise and knowledge with respect to government and emergency loan processes and procedures. Staff liaises with the government and students to help resolve issues relating to reassessments, appeals, and exceptional circumstances. They also arrange short-term, interest-free emergency loans for eligible students who are experiencing temporary unexpected financial difficulties and who do not have access to other sources of funding.

    Services for students

  • Fees and finances
  • Login
  • Exam schedule, conflicts, disabilities, deferrals (religious, personal, illness), etc
  • Enrollment services: ID, proof of rego, pickup diplomas, legal docs, transcripts
  • Info on transfer credit, advanced standing, inter-school agreements
  • Academic advising: faculty, departmental, profs, peers
  • Apply to graduate
  • Convocation info
  • Info to prospective students
  • Scholarships and student loans
  • Admissions paperwork
  • Outside exam testing services LSAT, GMAT, MCAT, etc
  • Publishes calendar
  • Info on policies (letters of permission, grade reassessments, withdrawals, deferrals, academic considerations, etc.)
  • Tax info

    Services for campus community

  • Administer policies
  • Advice and recommendations for Faculty councils and committees
  • Organize recruitment eg. career fairs, info sessions, school visits, etc
  • Manage student record system
  • Classroom booking services
  • Generate and publish official admission, enrolment, and awards statistics
  • Assess undergraduate and graduate tuition and general fees

University Resources

  • Continuing Education
  • Cooperative Education
  • Distance Education
  • Graduate Studies
  • Study Abroad and Exchanges

    Applying and Fees
  • Admissions
  • Applications and Forms
  • Calendars and Catalogues
  • Financial Aid
  • Registrar
  • Student Accounts
  • Tuition and Fees

    Campus Life
  • Aboriginal Student Services
  • Athletics
  • Career Services
  • Chaplaincy
  • Gay and Lesbian Resources
  • International Students
  • Residences
  • Student Disability Services
  • Student Life
  • Women's Centres

    Campus Visit
  • About Pages
  • Campus Maps
  • Campus Tours
  • Directions to Campus
  • University Contacts
  • Viewbooks
  • Virtual Tours

    Facilities and Services
  • Alumni
  • Campus Bookstore
  • Counselling Services
  • Daycare
  • Equity and Human Rights
  • Health Services
  • Off Campus Housing
  • Parking
  • Security and Safety
  • Student Union
  • Sustainability

    Studying and Research
  • Academic Advisors
  • Academic Resources
  • First Year Advisors
  • Language Centre
  • Math Support
  • Tutoring

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