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Many students will experience difficulties with academic subjects at some point during their academic career. Often times this can be attributed to the change in the learning environment: the transition from high school to post-secondary institutions can be rather bewildering for new students. As well the support environment that students are used to in high school is often absent in first-year classes, which are much larger (sometimes hundreds of students) and much more anonymous. As such, many schools now offer a variety of academic support services, among them tutoring. About 60% of schools in Canada advertise tutoring on their websites, with many more advertising off the Web (eg. departmental bulletin boards, word of mouth, etc.). [more] - Tutoring in Canadian Universities

Tutoring in Manitoba Universities in Canada

  • Tutoring @ Brandon University
    Profile of Brandon University - Main Campus
    Brandon, Manitoba Universities

  • Tutoring @ University of Manitoba
    Profile of University of Manitoba - Main Campus
    Winnipeg, Manitoba Universities

  • Tutoring @ University of Winnipeg
    Profile of University of Winnipeg - Main Campus
    Winnipeg, Manitoba Universities

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