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Institute of Advanced Media

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The Institute of Advanced Media is located in Vancouver. It is a training institute dedicated to teaching various aspects of web development. The institute is based in the IT industry and has numerous connections on an international level. The institute itself is designed in such a way so as to give students the feeling of working in an actual web development house.

The institute offers small classes with a student-teacher ratio of 12:1. The facility is open to all students seven days a week, so that students may come in to work on projects in their spare time. Students work together with instructors and industry representatives during their academic tenure. Each student is provided with his own individual work station.

The Institute of Advanced Media offers training in five basic aspects of web development, namely Industry Connectedness and Networking, Design and Coding for Modern, Clean Web-based Layout, Commercial Principles for Market Relevancy, Programming and Database Development for Updateability and Control and Project Management for Sequential Development. A thorough grasp of these five skills will empower any student to excel as a web programmer or web designer.

The institute offers a comprehensive support system for graduates to help them secure good employment on course completion. The institute has extensive contacts within the industry at a national and international level, thus offering a world of opportunities for every one of its graduates.

  • Build your Own Blog with XHTML - Part-Time Programs
  • Certificate in Fundamental Commercial Web Development - Full-Time Programs
  • Certificate in Intermediate Commercial Web Development - Full-Time Programs
  • Computers as a Business Language - Part-Time Programs
  • Designing with Illustrator - Part-Time Programs
  • Digital Photography and Photoshop- Part-Time Programs
  • Diploma in Advanced Commercial Web Development - Full-Time Programs
  • Diploma in Applied Commercial Web Development - Full-Time Programs
  • Dynamic Websites for Businesses - Part-Time Programs
  • E-Bay Secrets for Your Home Business - Part-Time Programs
  • Graphic Design for Print and Press - Part-Time Programs
  • Internet Marketing - Part-Time Programs
  • Internet Security - Part-Time Programs
  • Microsoft Word/Excel as Business Tools - Part-Time Programs
  • Moving to PHP5 - Part-Time Programs
  • Spice up Your Web with Flash- Part-Time Programs
  • Web Design with Dreamweaver - Part-Time Programs
  • Web Photo/Music Studios with JavaScript - Part-Time Programs
  • Website Optimization - Part-Time Programs

    Program Keywords:
  • Adobe Dreamweaver
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Computer and Software Programming
  • Computer Networking and Internet Security
  • General Art
  • General Business
  • General Computing
  • Graphic and Multimedia Design
  • HTML
  • Internet and Web Design
  • Java
  • Micosoft Excel
  • Microsoft
  • Microsoft Word
  • Music
  • Photography
  • Sales and Marketing
  • Visual Art and Design
  • Writing and Language Studies

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    1. Institute of Advanced Media

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