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Science PhD Programs in Canada

Science and it's related PhD and doctorate degree programs offered in Canada.

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PhD Program Categories of Science

Actuarial Science

Agricultural and Agriculture

Agricultural Economics

Animal and Poultry Science

Applied Mathematics

Aquaculture and Aquatic


Architecture and Architectural

Astronomy and Astrophysics

Atmospheric Science and Meteorology

Botany and Plant Science

Brain and Cognitive Science


Cognitive Science

Computer and Computing Science

Energy Studies


Environmental Design

Environmental Engineering

Fish and Fisheries

Food Science

Forest and Forestry

Game Development

Geography and GIS

Geology and Geological Sciences

Horticulture and Horticultural

Information Systems and Technology

Land Resource and Soil Science

Landscape Architecture

Marine Biology

Mathematics and Mathematical Science

Military and Strategic Studies

Natural Resources and Environmental

Network Administration and Telecommunication

Oceanography and Oceanic Sciences


Renewable Resources


Technology Studies

Veterinary Science


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